We have been in business since 1995.  We are experts in the everyday Spanish and Mexican colloquial expressions.  We've achieved our goal and are now proudly serving many repeat customers from Mexico and  Spain.  Our customers look to us for fast and accurate translations. 
MSc Int. Mgmt Studies         Universidad of Texas at Dallas       Dallas,Texas          2007-2009
BA   Marketing                      University of Hull                            S.Yorkshire, UK     2003-2006

Diploma in Translation (IoLET)        University of Westminster          London,Uk    2000-2002
Interpretation and Translation          Richland College                       Dallas, TX     1991-1993
Business Administration                  Cultural Courses College          Mexico,DF    1983-1986
Proficiency  in English                     Carnegie British School             Mexico,DF    1980-1983

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General Manager
Born in Texas. Raised in Mexico City and London, U.K.. 
Fully bi-lingual and bi-cultural.  

Senior Partner
Born in Texas. Raised in Mexico City and London, U.K. Fully bi-lingual and multi-cultural.
Why is  it important to use the proper Spanish used in Mexico or in Spain when producing a technical translation when both sound almost the same? 

During casual conversations proper Spanish is not of the essence.  However, it is in technical vocabulary that one can  really distinguish a difference between Spanish from the Iberian Peninsula (Spanish from Castilla) and Latin American Spanish. In Latin American Spanish the direct loanwords from English are relatively more frequent, without translating or adapting the spelling to the traditional norms. 

The most notorious example is the use of the word "e-mail" in Latin America instead of the more literal translation, "correo electrónico", which is used in Spain. These differences are evident especially in recently adopted technical terms. In Latin America they speak of  "la computadora" while in Spain is "el ordenador", and each of the two words sounds foreign depending in the region where it is used.

Our company specializes in both Mexican and Spanish lingo.
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